28 February 2013

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme

Yesterday I've received an ordered package, with some products I've been wanting to try. Last time I went to the hairdresser I chose to make it ombre again (and my dresser used no 1002 on me, to keep the yellows out), but after three months I felt I had to do something about the dry ends and the washed out color. I've heard about this "color bomb" from Revlon and had to try it. My goal was to take out the yellow/orange stick and make it less ombre-ish. At the roots I was a 6, in the middle an orange 7 and at the ends a "yellow" 7 to 8.

(The pics above may be somewhat underexposed.) After yesterdays mixing and applying I'm now a cool 6 at the roots and 6/7 at the ends - no orange or yellow stick left. I absolutely love this stuff.

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