25 August 2014

Wedding in August

Wedding in five days and I finally bought a dress for the occasion. What do you think? It feels as if I've search the whole Internet for the perfect dress. You look for more and more expensive dresses, as if you get used to looking at the prices. Weird isn't it? Finally I came to my senses and realized I didn't have to buy a designer dress....

23 August 2014

New Sales!

Pumps from Zara now on sale! I'll keep posting new ones soon again. But in the meantime look at the ones posted by clicking the link below.

New sales here!

29 July 2014

Road trip photos

Bodensee / Lake Constance, Switzerland

This guy...@Bodensee

Splügen Pass, Switzerland/Italy

Lake Montespluga, Italy

We had a great trip down to the Italian border, with fantastic weather reaching almost 30 degrees. At Splügen Pass it dropped down to below 20 degrees Celsius, so a bit chilly... I have so much more to show you. From Lake Como and Lake Garda to the fantastic scenery at Cortina and Venice etc.

02 July 2014

1000 photos

So, finally home again after a fantastic road trip through Europe. I think I took about 1 500 photos but after second check I've manage to cut it down to about 800 to keep for now.

I'll have some work cut out for me and I hope to show you soon. In the meantime you can always look at some of them on my Instagram.

06 June 2014

Sun can come

Before going on vacay, I'll make sure to be on the safe side and protect the skin. This is just some of the stuff I'll bring and just to show you some of my favourites.

05 June 2014

Zara Inspo - Black, Nude, Beige

 I just love Zara. I've said it before and you'll certainly see it if you follow me on Insta. So what have they done now? Oh well, just maybe the perfect shade of beige. Just look at the last to pictures. It is perfection.

01 June 2014

Castiglione soon to come

All photos by me.

Looking so much forward to this years vacation. Going back to Castiglione for the third time and I can't wait! We will make this trip by car and we will see so many cities and sites both before arriving to Castiglione and also after leaving the little village in southern Tuscany.

22 May 2014

Love Lookfantastic

I have been in some serious need of restocking hair products now. I didn't even have any kind of deep treatment at all at home and that is bad for my hair. Anyway, I ordered the three products at the bottom of the pic above and got the rest as gifts. I simply love Lookfantastic!

So this is just a big tip from me to you, if you haven't already discovered the site.

...And before you ask - this is not a sponsored post.

20 May 2014

Countdown: Roadtrip!

All photos by me.

Should I write more about travels? Last years happenings were our NYC trip and also for myself two weeks in Verona, studying Italian language. So, this year we've planned a dream come true: roadtrip through Europe with destination Italy.

Above I give you some samples of earlier trips to Italy. The places, views, food, architecture is simply amazing - almost - everywhere you look. As it comes to every place you go to, especially if you tend to dislike charter and all-inclusive, if you only keep your wits about you, you'll be fine when you are exploring new sites.

So what about this road trip then? It'll look something like this:

Sweden - Kassel - Sankt Gallen - Moltrasio - Castiglione della Pescaia - Volterra- Verona - Venezia - Gnadenwald - München - Wernigerode - Sweden

New items on sale

Baby Phat, Topshop, asos

 ...And more! Look at all my new sales here.

23 March 2014



I noticed that it was over four years ago I did a movie post. Back then it was about Inception which got the highest score from me ever, but now I believe it just got some company.

Even though you know some stuff isn't realistic in Gravity, for example what astronauts really have under the space suit ( e.g diaper etc), sound in space issue and other discrepancies from the law of Physics, you pretty soon leave those thoughts behind (if you don't have a hint of autism or what not), because the movie has another story to tell...

It's a fantastic movie visually, but also a somewhat moving story about human nature and the movie really has a message. If you've missed the message then I don't think this movie is for you.

Rating: 9/10

10 March 2014

Red Heels from Zara

I'm a complete sucker for these red heels from Zara, so I did something about it. Click click!

As I've posted earlier they seem to do everything right at the moment at Zara design and procurement department, at least IMHO. If you'd like to see how I'm going to combine them, visit my Instagram.

03 March 2014