28 August 2013

Striped cravings


Thanks to this great blogger and her posting this outfit alone, I got a severe craving for the amazing blazer. In fact I'd like to have the bag and shoes to! Anyway, said and done I went to Zara shop and found it on sale! Lucky me, because it was cut from 999 SEK to 249 SEK (which is about 115 € down to 28 €).

Then it hit me. There is something with trends and time - I can't really get my head around it. I always pick them up "too late", which means about 1-6 months after they first appear or are hyped in magazine, blogs etc. It seems that the trends I'm hesitant to...needs to grow on me. Because in the end I always turn around and embrace them.

 Random pic, google
Then you also have these:


Virginia said...

Cool! love that blazer!

Johanna Nilén said...

@Virginia: Thanks! =)

Jessica Mattioli said...

Great selection!!!

The Fashion Heels

Johanna Nilén said...

@Jessica: Thanks sweety! :)

Veronica Vannini said...

Amazing outfits, great selection!
Nice your blog, i follow you on bloglovin and google+, i hope you follow me back!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Johanna Nilén said...

@Veronica: Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes of course!