12 June 2013

It's final! Going to Verona



My course is booked and I can't wait until I'm in Italy. For those of you who are new to this blog, I'm going to study Italian two weeks in September. It is kind of crazy, since I've recently got home from my longest flight ever. In perspective, I have been planing for going on a course since January and had the idea for some time before.

So I finally got to it and scanned the net for good schools and places to stay, but didn't really feel for any of the things I did find. A weeks time spent and I was nearly to give up (no, not really) and then I came across Verona and I must say that I instantly liked the place. The feeling of "this could be the one" emerged and pretty soon I was determined to find a suiting school (on this matter I'll get back to after the course!).

As you can see above, I think I'll feel very much at home considering the familiar colors... ;)


kcomekarolina said...

how cool is that!

xoxo from rome

Hanni said...

Thanks! I think it will be awesome ;)